things that have no chill



-automatic toilets

-people who clap when the plane lands

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stands outside the divorce court waiting for hot dads who need love

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look at Daniel pulling Rupert away in the last one 

never not reblogging

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Female Characters That I Love:
∟Charlie Bradbury (Supernatural)

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Friends Merchandise:

When I thought I had a snack saved but then remember I already ate it


i really fucking miss Balthazar

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Full video of Jensen Ackles singing at TorCon14

First song: Picture in a Frame - Tom Waits

Second song: Wild Mountain Thyme - Irish/Scottish Folk Song

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one time a boy tried to pull my hijab off

i punched him in the face

closed fist, short swing, right in the jaw

there is a point where you stop trying to educate people and start making the consequences of their racist bullshit real fuckin clear.

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Evan Peters + AHS

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ok so why are some guys like EWWWW VAGINA EEEW IT SMELLS NASTY like shut the fuck up it’s a fucking vagina it’s not supposed to smell like roses and bees, and afterall, our vaginas clean themselves so stop just stop it’s not like your dick smells like heaven either so. Stop being a pussy about pussies wow